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SAMODRA Bidet Non-Electric Toilet Attachment Dual Nozzle Bidet

SAMODRA Bidet Non-Electric Toilet Attachment Dual Nozzle Bidet

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"Upgrade your bathroom with the SAMODRA Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment. Experience enhanced hygiene with dual nozzles, adjustable water pressure, and easy installation. A modern, efficient, and eco-friendly personal cleansing solution."




Brand Name: SAMODRA


Tap hole: 2 Holes

Spary Type: Horizontal

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: NONE

Faucet Tapping: 2 Holes

Model Number: EB013

Brand: samodra

Item Weight: 750g

Package Dimensions: 42.50*8.00*18.50 cm

Nozzle: Dual Nozzle

Hose Length: 75cm

Product Warranty: 18 Months Warranty



1.Please choose the connector size for your pipe:
1/2 (Applicable to Russia,Israel,Brazil,Ukraine,Chile,Korea,Australia,Belarus,United Kingdom,New zealand and Other Asian/South America countries)
3/8 (Applicable to Europe, such as France,Spain,Netherlands,Switzerland,Germany, Italy, etc.)
7/8 (Applicable to the United States, Canada, Mexico, North America Countries)
The recommended size is for reference only, please refer to the actual measurement.

You don't know how to choose?Welcome to contact us,Professional customer service will solve any problems you have! Rear Mode
Posterior mode, water pressure adjustable
Can be used for thorough cleaning
Feminine Mode
Feminine Mode, soft mist spray
Female menstruation and private cleaning
Ultra-slim Design
The 0.19-inch ultra- slim body fits perfectly with the toilet,
so there's no need to worry about the toilet cover failing to close
Step 1
Shut off the water supply valve on the wall.
Then drain all the water in the toilet tank.
Remove the toilet seat.
Step 2
Place bidet on the toilet and align the bidet's adjustable plate holes to the toilet seat holes .
Screw the toilet seat back on the toilet.
Step 3
The black rubber gasket must be placed on the T-shaped adapter in the correct direction.(Optional: Apply thread seal tape to the threads of the bidet water inlet and T-Adapter.)
Connect the T-Adapter to the toilet tank water inlet. Hand tighten.
Connect the other end of the metal braided metal hose to the T-Adapter. Hand tighten.
Step 4
Connect the existing water supply flexible hose to the other end of the T-Adapter. Hand tighten.
Connect one end of the flexible braided metal hose to the water inlet of the bidet. Hand tighten.
Open the water supply valve.Check connections for water leaks.
Tighten connections where there is a leak until leak stops.
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Included Components:Bidet Attachment + Metal Hose + Brass T-adapter + Fixing plates *1 + Rubber Washer + Seal Tape + Installation instruction +18-month warranty
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